Where is my twitter trading widget? [en]

When reading my twitter timeline this morning I was wondering why I can not buy stocks directly out of my twitter app?
If twitter is a place where news and roumors are shared rapidly, then why isn’t there a ‚buy/sell stock‘ button next to ‚retweet‘? Online newspapers usually put at least a link next to each exchange traded company to get more company details.
While I can put my twitter timeline to any website by creating a twitter api snippet, I wonder why I can not add widgets to my twitter account (just like in wordpress, drupal etc.) which allows me to add additional functionality to my twitter experience. A bloomberg, reuters, social-trading or any online broker app which shows me if this stock is on my watchlist or part of my portfolio and whether or not the tweet has impacted the share price recently?
If twitter does not want to have third party stuff on their platform I wonder if Hootsuite or a comparable app could easily do that?
Maby this exists already and I just missed it… (Let me know where I can find it)
So pimp up my twitter!